I would like users and the iCOS LIVE system to be able to define the pickup and delivery windows for a booking and/or client and/or site.

I would like users to be able to white list and black list windows where these actions are not possible.

These windows describe a date and time range where a specific action must or should take place.

These windows could be based off a site range of inputs, such as booking type, booking service type, commodity, the day of pickup/ delivery, booking services, geography, zones etc.


- A client may recieve ambient freight all day, but containers only after hours

- A site is difficult to access during peak hours due to traffic

- Containers cannot be delivered to a site between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday because there are employee cars parked in the drop zone

- A client has paid for an URGENT service and therefore the delivery and pickup windows could be automatically generated from a predefined rule set

- Some sites require bookings for pickups and deliveries (eg. Some supermarkets, ports) and these bookings can have restrictions on when actions are required