I would like internal users to be able to define the service window for a clients and bookings.

A service window defines an allowed date and/or time duration between two actions (e.g. origin pickup and final delivery).

This service window could be based on multiple inputs, such as booking type, client, booking service type, the from and to location, the day it was picked up, the time it was picked up etc.

Features to consider:

- The ability to define schedule service windows (e.g. A default service window for Urgent Freight bookings)

- The ability to define sub-schedule service windows (e.g. I can define service windows for a group of clients, similar to how ratematers work with rating)

- The ability to define client specific service windows (e.g. A client always has urgent work and pays for this privelege, so their service windows are different than others)

- The ability to define specific service windows for specific pickup locations and specific delivery locations

- The ability to inherit service windows from a schedule, or sub-schedule, where a specific service window has not been defined for client

- The ability for the "Required Delivery Date" field of a booking to be automatically populated based off the service window, when a booking is first saved

- The ability to lock the "Required Delivery Date" field from being edited by specific users (e.g. my clients cannot change this value)

- The ability to define which days are included in service windows (e.g. I may not include Saturdays and Sundays as being included)

- The ability to define what time a service window starts (e.g. My delivery window may always start 11am, which is my receival cutoff)

- The ability to highlight a booking which is close to or has breached it'sservice window

- The ability to be notified when a booking is close to or has breached it's service window

- The ability to report on booking service windows (e.g. DIFOT report)


- For local freight deliveries that have an urgent service type, we provide a 5 hour service window (e.g. We will deliver the freight within 5 hours of pickup)

- For interisland freight deliveres that have an urgent service type, we provide a 96 hour service window (e.g. We will deliver the freight witing 4 days of pickup)

- I may exclude weekends from being counted in my service window (e.g. Auckland to Christchurch deliveries will be done within 72 hours of pickup, excluding the weekend)

- I may have specific service windows from a specific city to another city (e.g. Auckland to Wellington deliveries will be done within 36 hours of pickup)