An optional feature is available for all booking types which allows internal and client users to store relevant documents directly in a booking. This feature uses a third party integration with Drop Box and requires configuration to be activated.

Setting up document storage

  1. Open an existing job booking of any type, or create a new one
  2. Open the Documents tab
  3. Click the Link iCOS LIVE to document storage button
  4. Read the Third Party Integration Agreement
  5. If you accept this agreement click the Accept button or click Cancel if you do not


Setting up a Drop Box Account

Please note that iCOS LIVE is not passed your Drop Box login or password so we cannot retrieve it for you later. 

If you are creating a new account ensure you record this information in a safe and secure place.

Attaching and removing a document

  1. Click on the cloud icon to open up a file explorer or drag a file from your desktop onto the cloud to upload it
  2. Once your document has uploaded it will become available to all iCOS LIVE users with access to the booking (including client users)
  3. Click the Red Cross to remove a document