All new users are created from the Create User dialog found in the Super User menu. There are three user types: internal, client and subcontractor all which are created in a similar way although each has slightly different settings and access to the system. This chapter covers creating internal users.

Creating a new internal user

  1. Enter the user name they will be logging in with
  2. Enter their full name
  3. Enter their password, which must be 6 characters or more
  4. Confirm their password
  5. Optionally enter their position at their company
  6. Optionally enter their email address
  7. Select your company name from the Company Name drop down list (The first option)
  8. Optionally supply their phone and mobile number
  9. Click Save to continue to the User Details screen where you can assign roles and tasks

Creating a new driver login

Creating a new driver login is the same as any other internal user, expect when you are assigning Roles and Tasks only tick the "Dispatch" Role and do not assign any Tasks. (Don't forget to click "Update" to save your changes!)

Problems creating a user

If there was a problem creating the new user you will be notified of the problem which will need to be fixed before you can continue