Create User

User can access the Super User > Create User dialog where new users are created

Bookings - Allow reset to new

User can reset job bookings to new from a bookings quick action drop down menu

Booking Entry - Set Rate Override

User can override the cartage charges of a booking

Booking Entry - Set No Charge

User can set a booking to have no charge

Modify User

User can access the Super User > Modify User screen which is used for modifying user accounts

Client Company Maintenance

User can access the Super User > Companies screen which is used for modifying company records

Companies - Allow Adding Subcontractor Vehicles

User can add subcontractor vehicles in the Super User > Companies screen

Edit Rates Screen

User can access the Super User > Rates screen

Place Maintenance

User can access the Super User > Places screen where client places can be created, modified and removed.

Routes Allow Editing

User can edit routes on the Dispatch > Routes Screen