Bookings - Freight

Bookings - Bulk

User can access the Dispatch > Bulk Booking screen

Bookings - Container

User can access the Dispatch > Container Booking screen

Bookings - Allow edit

User can edit job bookings

Bookings - Allow cancellation

User can cancel bookings from any job booking's Quick Actions drop down

Bookings - HIAB

User can access the Dispatch > Hiab Booking screen

Booking Entry - Show No Dispatch

User has the No Dispatch option on all job booking screens

Booking Entry - Freight - Show Export

User has access to the Export check box on the Dispatch > Freight booking screen

Booking Entry - Freight - Show Unload Fee

User has access to the Unload Fee checkbox on the Dispatch > Freight Booking screen

Booking Entry - Set Rate Override

User can manually override the charge amount of a job booking

Booking Entry - Set No Charge

User can set job bookings to be not chargable

Search for Consignment

User has access to the Dispatch > Search for Consignment screen