The auto docketing feature when enabled, automatically creates docket numbers for bookings once they've been saved. Auto docketing can be configured per client and can be setup when creating a new client or when updating an existing one.

When to use Autodocketing

If you use or supply pre-printed docket books for all of your clients auto docketing should not be enabled and docket numbers should be entered manually into the docket field for each booking. If a specific client is using pre-printed docket books then disable auto docketing for this client.

Auto Docket Check box

Enables/ Disables auto docketing. When a job is booked for a client who has auto docketing enabled the word AUTO will appear in the docket field and once the job is saved it will be automatically generated.

Auto Docket Prefix

A unique code that will be prefixed to this client's automatically created docket numbers. If this field is left blank the client will share a docket number range with any other client whom has auto docketing enabled and no prefix. It is preferred that all clients have a unique prefix as there is a performance cost if they do not.

Auto Docket Start

The number at which auto docketing will start from. This feature is only available if a prefix has been entered, else-wise the starting docket number will be assigned by iCOS LIVE.

Auto Docket End

The number at which auto docketing will end