Fuel Adjustment Factor groups (FAF Groups) are a special company record type which allow you to assign the same fuel adjustment factors to multiple clients. Changing a FAF Group's fuel percent automatically updates the FAF rate used by any companies it has been assigned to. FAF can also be manually entered per client.

FAF is calculated at invoicing time and can be displayed as a total at the bottom of an invoice or per job. FAF is not visible anywhere in iCOS LIVE, and is applied before tax and is itself taxable.

Creating a FAF Group

  1. Open the Companies screen from the Super User menu
  2. Select -- NEW COMPANY -- from the Company drop down
  3. Enter a name for your new FAF Group
  4. Select FAF Group from the type drop down
  5. Enter your Fuel Adjustment Factor percentage into the Fuel % field

Updating a FAF Group

  1. Select a FAF Group from the Company dropdown
  2. Enter the new Fuel Adjustment Factor into the Fuel % field
  3. Click the Save button

Assigning a FAF Group

  1. Select the company you wish to assign a FAF Group to from the Company drop down
  2. Select a FAF Group from the Fuel % drop down
  3. Click the Save button