The Dispatch > Search for Consignment workbench allows internal and client users to find a job booking or job bookings that match certain criteria

Internal users require the Dispatch Role and the Search for consignment task to access this feature

Client users require the Customer Role and the Search for consignment task to access this feature

Search Field

A list of job booking fields which you can search by

Charge Rate
Container Release
Container Number
Manifest Number
Order Reference
Pickup Reference
Delivery Reference
Freight Payer
Shipper Name
Consignee Name
Pack/ Unpack Name
Invoice Number
Invoice Batch
Item Commodity
Item Description
Item Reference
iCOS Reference


A free form field for entering the value you want to search for

Search Options

A series of filtering options that allow you to narrow your search criteria

Full WordShow results with the exact search value
Starts withShow results which start with the supplied search value
Ends withShow results which end with the supplied search value
Part ofShow results which contain the supplied search value

Filter by Company (Internal only)

A drop down list that allows you to optionally limit your search by your clients or subcontractors

Selecting a company will automatically initiate a search query

Booked between

From and to date fields allow you to limit your search to a specific date range


Initiates your search query


Results Workbench

A grid that displays job bookings that matched your search criteria