1. Select -- NEW COMPANY -- from the Company drop down
  2. Enter the name of your client
  3. Select Client from the Type drop down
  4. Optionally Enter their mailing address
  5. Optionally record your sales person or account manager responsible for this client
  6. Configure their Auto Docket settings
  7. Optionally enter your main contact's name and contact details
  8. Optionally enter the client's GST number for information purposes only
  9. Enter the Account Code for this client from your Accounting Software
  10. Optionally assign a FAF Group or optionally enter a manual Fuel Adjustment Factor
  11. Optionally enter your internal reference for this customer, for information purposes only
  12. Click the Add button to save the new client

New Client

Once your new client has been created it will become a freight payer option on booking screens and you will be able to create logins for this client so that they can log into your account and create and manage their own bookings.

See the User articles for information on creating and managing users