1. Select a client from the Company drop down
  2. Modify existing data or add new details
  3. Click the Save button to apply your changes

Booking Memo

The Booking Memo field allows you to record free form information about the client. This information is displayed on the Utilisation screen for each of this client's jobs in the Booking Memo column.

Stop Credit

The Stop Credit check box allows you to identify clients who should not have bookings created for them due to overdue invoices. When a client has this check box checked a canned warning message will appear in red to any internal user who creates a booking for them.

Booking Alert

The Booking Alert check box and text field allow you to create a custom alert whch is displayed when any internal user creates a booking for this client.



The Disable check box allows you to temporarily stop a client from having any bookings created.


The Delete button completely removes a client and all of their active and completed bookings from your account, and cannot be undone.

It is suggested that you use the disable check box to stop a client from having jobs booked as this can be undone at a later stage when and if they become a client again.