The invoicing screen allows you to process bookings for invoicing. As soon as a booking has been created it can then be found in the invoicing screen.

Only internal users with the Financials task Invoice Screen can access the invoice screen

Invoice Status

Bookings are assigned an invoice status based on it's current state, and as a booking progresses this status changes.

  1. Zero Rated - Bookings that have no cartage rate (ie. no rate could be found or no rating commodities were applied)
  2. Not Verifiable - Bookings that have unverified cartage rates and have not yet been completed
  3. Unverified - Bookings that have unverified cartage rate, have been completed and are ready to be verified for invoicing
  4. Verified/ Invoicable - Bookings that have verified cartage rates, have been completed and are ready to be invoiced
  5. Invoiced - Bookings that have verified cartage rates and have been invoiced

You can view all bookings with a particular invoice status by selecting an option from the Invoice Status drop down

No Charge Bookings

No Charge bookings are bookings that have been purposefully set to be unchargable. Your iCOS LIVE sales or support representative can configure your account so that No Charge bookings are assigned a specific Invoice Status based on your company requirements. For example, No Charge bookings could automatically be assigned the Verified invoice status when they are completed.

You can identify bookings that have been set to No Charge by either opening a booking or by looking at the grid screen's Chg column. Bookings that are set to no charge are identified with a red cross, and a green tick for those that are chargable.

Invoicing screen components

The invoicing screen is comprised of five main components:

  1. A Grid which displays bookings
  2. Global filters which control what bookings are displayed on the grid
  3. Action buttons which affect any currently selected booking
  4. Export / Reporting options
  5. Totals information for all of the currently visible bookings


Global Filters

Global filters allow you to control what bookings are displayed on the invoice screen's grid. Changes to a global filter requires a

  • Filter By Client - The drop down allows you to view bookings for a single client only. This has the same affect as typing a client's name into the Customer column's filter box
  • Invoice Status - Selects which bookings should be displayed based off their current invoice status