iCOS LIVE requires the Chrome browser or the Firefox browser. Please ensure you have one of these installed before proceeding.

Only one user can be logged in at a time, per browser.

Logging in

  1. Open the iCOS LIVE website URL: in Chrome or Firefox
  2. Click the "Log in" button

        3. Enter your username and password provided by your Super User

        4. Optionally tick "remember me"

        5. Click "login"

Needing to Loggin more then Once

If you need to loggin twice, as you would like to work on different parts of the system at the same time, please type CTRL SHIFT and N(Chrome)  and CTRL SHIFT and P (Internet Explorer) to open a new incognito tab in Chrome. 

Once you have this open you can loggin again using the same address, username and password.