Super User

The Super User screens allow you to manage users, companies, subcontractors, rates, places and areas

Create User

A dialogue for creating new internal, client and subcontractor users

Modify User Screen

Manages existing users

Companies Screen

Creates and manages clients, subcontractors and Fuel Adjustment Factors

Details Tab

The details tab contains information about a selected company and is also where you enter information for a new client

CompanyA drop down for selecting an existing client or can be used to create a new record by selecting the --- NEW COMPANY --- option. 
NameThe client, subcontractor or FAF Group's name
TypeThe record type (Client, Transport Contractor, FAF Group)
*AddressThe mailing address for a client or subcontractor. 
*Sales RepAn optional field for recording your sales person for a client 
Auto DocketAutodocket settings
*ContactYour main contact for a client or subcontractor 
*PhoneThe client or subcontractor's phone number
*FaxThe client or subcontractor's fax number
*MobileThe client or subcontractor's mobile number
E-MailThe client or subcontractor's email address
*GST#The client of subcontractor's gst number
A/C#Your financial system's code for a client or subcontractor (Required for accounts integration)
Fuel%The FAF percentage or FAF Group for a client or subcontract 
DisableA check box for stopping a client from being able to have bookings created
*Company Code*A free form field for recording your internal code or reference for a client
Rate MasterThe company ID for another client from which a client will inherit rates from
Booking MemoA text field for recording information about a client. This information is displayed on the Utilisation screen in the Booking Memo column
Stop CreditA check box for identifying a client who has outstanding invoices and shouldn't have bookings made for them. Checking this check box will cause a red message to appear when ever any internal user creates a booking for them.
Booking AlertA check box and free form text field for recording per client booking information. Checking this check box and entering text will cause a yellow message to appear when ever any internal user creates a booking for them. 

A * denotes that a field is for information purposes only and is not used anywhere else in the system.

Italicized field names are optional

DeleteDeletes a company record and all of their bookings permanently
ClearClears any information entered into any of the details tab fields
AddAdds a new company record
SaveSaves any updated information in a company record

Places Tab

to be completed

Profile Tab

to be completed

Rates Screen

Creates and manages charge and cost rates

Adding a new rate (standard setup)

1. Select the Customer you want to add a rate to.

2. Set the "From" and "To" areas (As you start typing areas, preset options will populate for you to choose from).

3. Set "Unit Type" to the units you want to rate in e.g. Weight, Hour, Each etc.

4. Type in the "Commodity" , which helps identify the rate you wish to use when adding an item to a job. 

5. Set the  Unit Type which is the "Weight" in this example, to specify the threshold of the break point.

6. Enter the "Rate" to set the charge figure for the rate.

7. Click the "ADD" button to add the new break point.

8. Click the "SAVE RATING" button to save your Rate.

Printing Rate Schedules.

1. Select the rate schedule you wish to create a rate report on, by selecting a Customer from the rate schedule dropdown at the top.

2. Near the bottom left corner, select the type of file you wish to produce.

3. Click Print.


Creates and manages pickup and delivery sites

Areas Screen

Creates and manages rate zones and depots, both of which can help to simplify rating and dispatching.