Extra Costs and Charges

The Extra Costs and Charges tab found in the details tab of all job booking types allows you to add, view and manage a specific job's financial costs and charges information. Not only does this feature allow you to see this data easily at a glance, it also lets you add non cartage related items such as:

  • products that have been sold
  • services that are chargeable
  • events that incurred a cost

Setting up Extras

If you'd like to use this feature please talk to your iCOS LIVE representative who can discuss your requirements and can supply you with a template for importing your data into the system. By default there is a single Adhoc extra cost and charge which allows you to add free form costs and charges, however this feature can be populated with your own options each of which can be assigned Cost and Charge GL accounts.

Accessing the costs and charges tab

  1. Open a job booking that has not yet been invoiced
  2. Open the Costs and Charges or $ details tab

Automatic details

The total cartage charge for a job always occupies the first line and will display the charge amount as calculated from the job's commodities, or from a manually entered rate. Job movements are automatically added when they are completed and if cost rates have been entered into the system they will automatically populate, or manual costs can be entered

Adding an extra

  1. Click the Add Cost/ Charge button
  2. Select a Charge / Cost Item from the drop down
  3. Optionally select the movement that the extra applies to
  4. Enter a quantity
  5. Enter a cost
  6. Enter a charge, or zero dollars if the client is not being charged
  7. Optionally enter a description (it is a good idea to do this!)
  8. Click the Add button to save your extra

If you selected a specific job movement the new extra will be added beneath it, with an indentation

If you selected no move the new extra will be added to the bottom of the list

Removing an extra

Click the extra's Red Cross on the far right of an extra to remove it

Modifying an extra's cost or charge

  1. Click the cost and/or charge field for an extra and enter a new value
  2. Click the Save Changes button to apply your changes

Pinned Costs

In some situations you may want to ensure that a cost doesn't get changed elsewhere in the system (ie. recosted in the Utilisation workbenchand so you can "pin" it so that this can't happen. By default when you edit or enter a cost manually it will automatically Pin. To unpin a job, right click it and select "Unpin this cost". A pinned cost has a blue pin icon next to it.