Quick Actions

The Quick Actions drop down is a convenient list of actions that can be executed straight from any job booking that is in view mode. Some of these options will only show at certain stages of a job's life and if the user has the correct Roles and

TasksĀ assigned.

Booking Status Actions

Financial Actions


Cancels a job.

Print Labels

Creates a PDF document containing labels which you can print and attach to your freight

  1. Open the Quick Actions drop down
  2. Select the Print Labels quick action
  3. Enter the amount of labels required
  4. Click the Confirm button
  5. Open and print the file that downloads in your browser, or save it somewhere for later access

Print Consignment

Creates a PDF consignment note for the job booking


Duplicates a job booking. If one duplicate is made it will open immediately, if more than one duplicate is made they will appear on the Dispatch workbench.

  1. Open the Quick Actions drop down
  2. Select Duplicate
  3. Enter the number of duplicates you want to make
  4. Click OK