The Details tab

Every booking type has a row of tabs which contain different details about a job. When a job is first created the General and Notes & Comments tabs are available and when it is saved more tabs become available.

General Tab

The General Tab contains the address information for container bookings, and line items for freight and bulk bookings. This tab opens by default

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains two optional text boxes where you can enter free form information about a job. These fields can be edited at any stage of a job, including when it has been completed. Clients who book online can see and contribute to the Comments & Notes text box but cannot see the Drivers Instructions.

Certain words typed into these text fields will trigger icons to appear on the Dispatch Screen workbench in the Flags column

  • Any text entered triggers a blue star
  • The word Call triggers an Orange Telephone
  • The word Urgent triggers a Red Clock

Notes Tab

The Notes tab allows you to add permanent notes to a job and cannot be removed. The date, time and person who entered them is included for each added note.

  1. Type your note into the supplied text field
  2. Click the Add button

Moves Tab

The Moves tab contains all job status changes and movement events. If a job has more than one movement each will be displayed on a new line.

History Tab

The History tab contains information about the job booking itself.

Proof Tab

If an electronic POD and signature has been captured for a job it is accessible from the Proof tab.

There are two ways that electronic PODs can be created:

  1. Your drivers have mobile devices and our mobile app and they capture this information on their device just before they complete the job
  2. You manually POD a job

Downloading a proof of delivery report

  1. Click the Proof tab
  2. Click the Print Proof Report button to download it to your computer
  3. Open the file that downloaded to view it, or save it in a folder for later access

The following example POD was created on a tablet that had GPS enabled and so the coordinates of where the signature was captured is also available:


The Documents tab is an optional feature that allows you to store job documents directly in a booking.

Extra Costs and Charges

The Extra Costs and Charges tab allows you to add, manage and view cost and charge information for a booking.

Port InfoTab (Containers Only)

The Port Info tab allows container operators to get information about containers that are currently at Ports of Auckland or Ports of Tauranga wharves.